Dressing room closet

Transform your dressing room with these creative closet ideas. Organize your clothes and accessories in style for a more efficient and enjoyable dressing experience.
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Turning my spare room into a dressing room was a relatively easy conversion. I'd always fantasized about having my dream closet where I could celebrate getting dressed and see all of my clothing, shoes, and accessories in an open walk-in closet format. It wasn't until I was approaching my 40th birthday and relocated from my

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If you’ve been following along, then you know that I've had a few projects going on around my house these last few months! I started working on My Dressing Room Makeover a little before I took on My Pantry for the One Room Challenge, and refreshed My Entryway with the paint color that I’ve always wa

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Have you ever thought that you deserved a dressing room? Do you have little room in your bedroom for the huge walk-in closet that let’s face it, every woman needs. If you feel that your closet space is simply not enough or you just have a small bedroom that is basically sitting empty, you can turn that bedroom into an elegant dressing room or just a basic storage closet and you do not have to spend much time or money to do it. If you are ready to have the dressing room of your dreams, you…

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Updated September 7, 2020How many custom closets have you designed in your life?How many custom closets has your builder or remodeler designed in the history of their business?If your answer to these questions is zero, nada, none, nient – you’re not alone (no matter what language you say it in).Closet design is a niche business. It’s not something the average homeowner (or production builder or remodeler) does daily (or ever).The challenge with this is IF you want/need a custom closet for…

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