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ArtStation - Arrakis ... Dune ... home of the spice, Lucas Staniec

Dune redesign I love that Dune logo that surfaced recently. It inspired me to do this concept art. Amazingly while I was doing research I found a reference photo, movie people used for the presentation. For those of you who don't know, photo was taken by Leah Kennedy, you should go and check her stuff, it is amazing!!!

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In 2018 our design team had the opportunity to work with director Denis Villeneuve and Production Designer Patrice Vermette on Dune. We were tasked with designing key scene illustrations that focused on capturing the sense of light and atmosphere that Denis envisioned for the world of Dune. For Arrakis in particular, Denis wanted a sense of banality to the light, with oppressive, boring white skies. The desert needed to feel dangerous, like a vast ocean, with 'islands' of rock that could…