Easy sesame chicken

Try this delicious and flavorful sesame chicken recipe that is quick and easy to prepare. Make a restaurant-quality meal at home with this simple recipe and enjoy the authentic taste of sesame chicken.
This sesame chicken recipe is quick and easy to prepare. Made with delicious flavors like ginger, soy sauce, and sesame seeds this recipe is a family favorite. #spendwithpennies #sesamechicken

Sesame Chicken is quick and easy to prepare. With a sweet & savory sauce made with ginger, soy sauce, & sesame seeds, it's a family favorite!

Jill Coe
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Better than takeout this easy sesame chicken is going to be your favorite!Restaurant style crispy sesame chicken tossed in homemade sesame chicken sauce topped with some sesame seeds makes this so easy and best side you can enjoy with rice or noodles.If you love Asian food then this under 30 mins easy sesame chicken recipe is BEST EVER!

Daphne Dickens-King