Emergency go bag

Be prepared for any emergency situation with an emergency go bag. Discover the must-have items to include in your go bag and ensure you're ready to face any challenge that comes your way.
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Preparing an emergency go bag for each of your kids is an important part of emergency preparedness, whether a weather emergency, snowed in with kids and stuck at home, or you have to leave your house in a hurry as a response to natural disaster or event. Here's how to get your family prepared for an emergency with 72-hour bags (or kids survival kit / children's emergency backpack / baby emergency kit / toddler emergency kit / student kit).

Annie Barten
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Gathering essential supplies for you and your family takes more time and consideration than you think. My sister only had a few minutes to run out the door before her home burnt down. There are accounts of tornado warning times of 13 minutes, 15 minutes for wildfires, and 20 minutes for tsunamis. This is barely enough time to gather your family in a vehicle and try to drive away from an oncoming disaster.