Enterprise ncc 1701

Embark on a journey through the legendary starship Enterprise NCC 1701. Discover fascinating facts, behind-the-scenes stories, and more about this iconic vessel.
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This one has been a long time in the making. I started this ship back in 2019 while working on the USS Enterprise. It started as an exercise to see if I could take an existing Star Trek design, in this case the Akira Class, designed originally by Alex Yeager, to a different era in Star Trek, in this case the Movie era design language established in Motion Picture and the following movies. After some initial concepts, I shelved the project for a few months before taking it up again. At some…

Robert Decker
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Star Trek Products By Vikingwarriordesign.com Star Trek has a long history and has become the most culturally influential show on television to this very day. Starfleet in all it's glory would be nothing without a few ships. Of the few ships in their fleet several of them had to be a little more than just powerful. Some needed speed! In this little top 10 we will give you Starfleets fastest ships. 1. USS Monitor, Nebula Class. The Nebula-class shared a similar design lineage with its larger…

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