Ermine icing

Elevate your cakes and cupcakes with these mouthwatering ermine icing recipes. Discover how to make the perfect creamy and flavorful icing that will take your desserts to the next level.
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Ermine or Boiled-Milk Frosting

This frosting is so fluffy, creamy and delicious. It tastes a lot like whipped cream and that's what it was called when I was introduced to it. Now I know that it's also called Ermine or Boiled-Milk Frosting. No matter what you call it, it's good!

Jennifer Woods
This is no ordinary buttercream frosting recipe. It's my grandmother's classic whipped icing. It's light, creamy, ultra rich, but not overly sweet. Made with real butter, granulated sugar, and a pudgy cooked flour and milk mixture, this simple whipped frosting is perfect for cakes and cupcakes. Kos, Pie, Pastel, Whipped Buttercream Frosting Recipe Easy, Light Whipped Frosting For Cake, The Best Frosting Aka Magical Frosting, Not Too Sweet Vanilla Frosting, Pastry Pride Frosting Recipe, Butter Cream Vanilla Frosting

Amazing Whipped Icing

This whipped icing is the one my grandmother always used for her richest, most decadent cakes because it's light, creamy and not overly sweet. Ermine frosting is easily spreadable and tastes like the best whipped cream frosting you've ever had (but there's no cream in it).

garland mcfarland
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Chocolate Ermine Frosting (aka $300 Frosting) might just be the perfect frosting.

Chocolate Ermine Frosting is a silky smooth chocolate frosting made by cooking a milk and flour mixture and mixing it with butter, sugar, and cocoa powder.

Cynthia Tuerk