Espresso powder

Elevate your baking with the rich and intense flavor of espresso powder. Discover mouthwatering recipes that incorporate this secret ingredient to add depth and complexity to your favorite treats.
Pantry Basics: What Is Espresso Powder?

If you’ve baked a chocolate or mocha-flavored cake or dessert, the recipe probably called for espresso powder or instant espresso. This is an easy way to bolster the flavor of the chocolate (coffee and chocolate help each other taste their best) without brewing a fresh pot of coffee every time you crave a cake. You might also see espresso powder called for in dry spice rubs for meat — especially those destined for the grill. What’s the deal with this wonder ingredient anyway?

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Baking experts share how to use instant espresso powder to add coffee flavor to cakes, cookies, and other baked goods, even frosting, rather than having to brew coffee for a recipe. Also, learn how to use espresso powder to amp up the chocolate flavor in baked goods—and discover some surprisingly savory ways to use instant espresso powder when you cook.

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Homemade Brownies With Espresso: I used to be a boxed-mix kind of girl, but then I discovered these incredible homemade brownies. They're intensely chocolate and have just a bit of espresso powder to give them a bit of a kick and really up the chocolate flavor. Ingredients: &nbsp…

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Make Your Own Espresso Powder

If you do much baking with chocolate, you probably know that many recipes call for a small amount of espresso powder. The reason is that a bit of espresso powder significantly enhances the chocolate flavor in cakes, brownies, etc., without causing your treat to have a mocha flavor.

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