Eyes too close together makeup

Learn how to create the perfect makeup look for close set eyes. Discover techniques and products to make your eyes appear more balanced and beautifully framed.
Hooded eye: make-up tutorials never work on my eye shape, because I have no visible eyelid. It's a thing! Catherine Zeta Jones, Renee Zellweger, Anne Hathaway, Faye Dunaway all have the same eye shape, who'd have known? Make Up Tricks, Different Types Of Eyes, Teknik Makeup, Make Up Studio, Eye Designs, Eye Makeup Techniques, Makeup Tip, Types Of Eyes, Makijaż Smokey Eye

Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

For anyone who doesn't know, people with hooded eyes (nicknamed "bedroom eyes") have little lid space and the upper lid covers it almost completely. I have hooded eyes myself. I hated them, I still do. I find that applying makeup on hooded eyes is much more difficult than any other eye shape, because the lid is practically unseen and it's very easy to make your eyes look closed off or like you haven't gotten any sleep. But I've come to terms that I will never have my ideal eye shape, so here…

Adriana Sanchez