Facial Steaming

Experience the amazing benefits of facial steaming and achieve healthier, glowing skin. Discover top tips and techniques to incorporate facial steaming into your skincare routine for a radiant complexion.
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A SPA-RETREAT FOR YOUR COMPLEXION: Soak your skin in a blissful oasis of aromatic steam! Vanity Planet Senia Hot and Cold Smart Facial Steamer combines a luxurious cleansing treatment with a euphoric sensory experience using warm and cool Smart Steam Technology. Six customizable beauty modes purify the skin for an indulgent at-home spa treatment. Includes an essential oil basket, large water tank, and digital display. Cruelty free and innovated in California. DE-STRESS …

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You guys, I had a totally different New Year's post scheduled to come out today and was saving this one on facial steaming benefits for next week but I couldn't do that to you. Almost everyone I know is barely surviving an Arctic freeze at the moment, suffering from skin drier than the Sahara Desert (mini tip--start dry brushing pronto! The benefits of dry brushing are endless). Even my friends in Miami are freezing (hey, it's all relative!) So what kind of friend would I be if I held onto…

Leslie Eden