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Explore these faith walk ideas to strengthen your connection with your spirituality and embark on a transformative journey. Discover ways to incorporate faith into your everyday life and find inner peace.
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I'm blessed to be bringing you the Women of Faith Series after such a long absence from regular blogging! In this series, we will be exploring faith and the application of it in our lives by peering into the lives of women from the bible. Today, we begin with Sarah. We often credit Abraham with receiving the promised child from God, but did you know that scripture credits Sarah for the conception of Isaac?? It was her faith that enabled her to conceive and bear a child in her old age. She…

Sara Kilgore
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If you've ever had the opportunity to attend an LDS Girl's Camp, you may have enjoyed a Faith Walk. I hadn't even participated in a Faith Walk until I went back to camp as an adult leader. The premise is that the girls are led in the evening time to various "stations" to meet with someone who will retell or share a faith-promoting story or experience. To make the biggest impact, the girls are instructed beforehand, there is to be no talking during their walk. Additionally, only a handful of…

Amber Tolman
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When it comes to finishing up the school year (which happens for us on May 31st), there tends to be a lot of testing going on. Whether it’s final exams or other end-of-the-school-year testing, it’s time to see how much our kids have learned over the past nine months. Testing is basically just an evaluation […]

Peggy Simpson Gross
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I had the opportunity to be the assistant Stake Camp Director this year, this was probably my most favorite camp I’ve been to, out of the 14 times I’ve gone! The director and I really wanted new things that the girls hadn’t seen before, so we worked really hard to come up with great classes and experiences for these girls, and we would like to share it for anyone that may be looking. Camp Theme Women Warriors We had 3 sub themes that we focused on each day Women of Faith, Women of Strength…

Kristy Dorrough