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I was today year's old when I found out about Chris Ortega's concept art showing an early idea on how #Fallout76 mutations could've worked. Like SKYRIM you could've transformed into a Super Mutant or Super Molerat with unique penalties/buffs/abilities. ...except now I want this🤣

Road Block
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Knight-Captain Cade, registration CD-440KC,[1] is the medical officer of the Prydwen in 2287. Cade, rank knight-captain, is stationed aboard the Prydwen as the vessel's medical officer. He is in charge of administering medical exams to new recruits of the Brotherhood of Steel. All members are required to be medically examined by the doctor annually and report for immediate decontamination after contact with outside lifeforms. He is responsible for monitoring the stability of the soldiers, as…

Богдан Дужан
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I decided to make a series of fanart concepts for the Fallout game. I want to take a look at how this world could be "on the other side." Utopia, futurism and post-apocalypse are not in the United States, but in the totalitarian USSR. Another way of life, other types ... a whole different story ))) The first part of the concept to your attention

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