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Lace mask... next year?

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The Mask is the New Face | NOT JUST A LABEL Jewellery Editorial, Headdress, Festival Headpiece, Fashion Face, Headpiece, Face Jewellery, Jewelry Design, Mask Design, Concept Clothing

Today, more than ever, technology has deprived the individual of any privacy. Being connected and technologically integrated means giving up one’s privacy. The facial recognition systems in use on social media and various types of app observe us in silence. Perhaps one answer might be to invent a new face, to find a private identity? What does the mask mean today? Always present in every society, often used as a means of connection with the divine, now it has become an engaging fetish and…

Jordan Mikhal
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Full Face Coverage: The Fashion Rhinestone Masquerade Mask Has A Full Face Design, The Cospaly Face Jewelry Is With Sparkling Rhinestones, Make You Stand Out At The Prom. Comfortable Fit: Made From High-quality Crystal And Alloy, Statement Rhinestone Mask Jewelry Is Lightweight And Comfortable To Wear For Extended Periods, Ensuring You Can Dance And Socialize With Ease. Occasion: Our Halloween Face Jewelry Is Suitable For Prom, Nightclub, Party, Bikini, Fashion Show, Festival, Beach, Daily…