Fireplace Andirons

Enhance the look of your fireplace with our collection of unique and stylish fireplace andirons. Discover top ideas to add a touch of elegance and functionality to your fireplace.

One of the interesting features of a traditional fireplace set are the pair of andirons placed on the sides of the fire chamber. Often the andirons are decoratively fashioned of intricate wrought iron or polished brass lathe work.

Jennifer Thompson
Black Wrought Iron Fireplace Andirons ...

A very decorative pair of antique black wrought iron fireplace andirons. The iron andirons are from Italy and were made at the 19th Century. The andirons have two feet in front and one single feed at the back. The front feeds are connected with a curved flat iron piece. From the middle of the curved part, a squared iron piece connects the single feed to the andiron. Another squared piece goes up and ends with flat round knob. Both pieces are in a nice antique condition with great patina…

Cece Brown
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Today we’re going to talk about style auteur, Darryl Carter. We’ve long looked up to the tastemaker based out of Washington DC for his discerning eye and timeless style. There’s so much one can learn from examining industry leaders such as Carter. When you can look at a room and the adjective that comes to mind is the name of the designer, means that his style transcends general descriptors. It’s often time copied and cited as the inspiration for many a designers’ project. You might…

Lynn Somers

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