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Happy Tree High (HTH) is a fanfiction doujin drawn by Chamachama (Chama-san/Chama). It is a... Happy 3 Friends, Happy Tree Friends Flippy, Free Friends, Htf Anime, Cartoon As Anime, Friend Cartoon, Friend Anime, One Piece Movies, Friends Characters

Happy Tree High is a Fanfiction doujin drawn by Chamachama (Chama-san/Chama). It is a series of random short comics and sections involving the Happy Tree Friends characters, while taking place in high school. Several characters make appearances in this series, but the most common characters are: Flippy, Flaky, Nutty, Splendid, Lifty & Shifty. Though this series has many random moments, it mostly follows as love triangle between Flaky, and best friends Flippy and Nutty. Throughout the series…