Fox species

Explore the world of foxes and learn about the different species that inhabit our planet. From the agile Arctic fox to the clever red fox, uncover the amazing characteristics and behaviors of these captivating creatures.
You are a..... Red Fox | What Type Of Fox are you? - Quiz

You are the beautiful Red Fox with a vibrant orange fur. Like the Red Fox, people assume you are a bad person and don’t give you a chance. You can be sly and sneaky, with the ability to get what you want. You are smart and logical, you can overcome many problems. You can care for yourself and you are rarely in large groups. You are strong and powerful. You have a laid back and calm personality....

Fozz Fox
11 different foxes illustrated in detailed watercolour, arranged in a circle on a white background. Illustrators, Ideas, Art, Fox, Animals, Foxes, Watercolor Fox, Fox Illustration, Fox Print

A digital print featuring some of the world's foxes. This natural history illustration includes 11 species of fox, hand-drawn and painted with watercolours and inks. Each fox is drawn in a realistic style but with plenty of charm. The colours are soft and muted. Each animal is numbered with its species name given in a key at the bottom of the print in the style of a traditional I.D. chart. This print would make a lovely gift for an animal-lover of any age and is great for a nursery or…