Fragrance design

Explore innovative fragrance design ideas to create a sensory experience like no other. Discover scents that will captivate your senses and transform your space into a haven of relaxation and beauty.
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22 Unique Fragrance Designs

Everyone has their own signature scent, their go-to fragrance when they want to feel extra fresh. With a wide variety of fragrances out there, we wanted to showcase some of the most unique fragrance packaging designs. Here are 22 of our favorites. 1. NEST Fine Fragrances 2. The New Fragrance Experience: Q&A with Hawthorne for […]

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Branding and Packaging Design For Huggy Brand by B&W Graphic Lab - World Brand Design Society

Huggy is B&W's custom floral perfume for the month Smelling is invisible. The blooming of a flower is the expression of a free life form. The fragrance of flowers emanates from it.