Fragrance packaging

Enhance the allure of your fragrance with creative packaging ideas that create a captivating scent experience. Discover unique designs and materials to make your fragrance stand out and entice customers.
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Pure Sense is a unique niche perfume brand - the fragrances created for it, are made by blind people.The idea is simple: in our world, there are people who, due to the limitation of visual perception, have enhanced olfactory sense.But what if we give b…


.Oddity Fragrance is a contemporary niche perfume house and a creative playground for a namesake founding design studio. .Oddity Fragrance stands for the beauty of imperfections: raw corners, untouched nature, exposed structure, technical details from b…

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About Make a Mark is an initiative led by ESTAL, Avery Dennison, and LEONHARD KURZ. Each year, they invite 20 of the best design agencies from around the world with one goal: developing with complete creative freedom a packaging project focused on sustainability, luxury, and innovation. This freedom extends from the initial proposal to its…