Freezer beef stew

Simplify your meal prep with these delicious freezer beef stew recipes. Prepare a hearty and flavorful meal ahead of time and enjoy the convenience of a warm and comforting stew whenever you need it.
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There's truly no meal better suited to the slow cooker than a delicious Beef Stew! This is my favorite (and the best!) beef stew recipe updated with instructions for making as a freezer meal! Imagine finding this on a busy day and being able to come home to a hot delicious meal!

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Are you wanting to alleviate as much stress as possible after your new baby is here? Looking for some simple, nutritious recipes that will keep you from spending hours in the kitchen? Freezer meals will help save your sanity when you're sleep deprived, knee deep in dirty diapers, and have a newborn baby attached to

Keleigh Sopher