Freezing corn in the husk

Learn how to preserve the freshness of corn by freezing it in the husk. Discover simple techniques and tips to enjoy the sweet taste of corn all year round.
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The traditional way of freezing corn-on-the-cob is to take off the shucks, silks and stalks, blanch the cobs in boiling water, cool them in ice water and then pack them into freezer bags. That works. It is OK only. I have a better way... :) Take off just a few of the husks. Carefully peel back the remaining husks and remove the silks. Replace the husks and pack your cobs in freezer bags. Freeze. That's it! When you get these out of the freezer to serve for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner…

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When your corn harvest all comes in at once or you pick up a bargain bushel at your local farmers market, freezing is a great way to preserve the extra ears you can't eat immediately. Instead of heating up the kitchen with a big pot of boiling water, you can use a safe method to freeze the corn without blanching.

Pamela Bradshaw