French dolls

Explore a wide selection of exquisite French dolls that are perfect for collectors and enthusiasts. Find the perfect addition to your collection and bring a touch of elegance to your home.
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Beautiful only E.J. mark Bebe by Emile Jumeau size 9 ( 23" / 58 cm )from first priod and very rare to find Portrait face . A stunning Bebe of the first period from around 1878 and era of " Gold Medal" award at the Paris Exposition produced only short time at this type ! Has very delicate pale pressed bisque and very beautifully painted features , original body and body finish and wearing lovely silk costume with bonnet !! She has finest quality of pale pressed bisque socked head with…

Reni Takahashi
Russian Artist's Dolls are So Realistic it's Frightening - Neatorama Figurine, Fashion, Creepy Dolls, Male Doll, Russian Art Dolls, Period Costumes, Moscow Art, Artist Doll, Bjd Dolls

Michael Zajkov is a Russian artist who crafts these chillingly realistic dolls' faces and bodies out of polymer clay. The dolls' eyes are handpainted German glass, and their hair is French mohair. The combination results in the creations pictured here, which I'd never allow in my house for fear I'd catch sight of one in my peripheral vision and have a heart attack. But your mileage may vary, as they say!See a huge grouping of photographs of these stunning dolls in every stage of production…

Jackie Vible