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Add a touch of humor to your everyday life with these hilarious and creative funny note ideas. Explore unique ways to brighten someone's day and bring a smile to their face.
24 Funny Doodles This Artist Drew During Meetings They Didn't Need To Be At Humour, Doodles For Boyfriend, Whiteboard Quotes, White Board Drawings, Whiteboard Messages, Silly Doodles, Whiteboard Art, Office Jokes, Funny Note

If you’ve ever been forced to go to an unnecessary and completely avoidable meeting, then you know that doodling can be the savior of sanity and protector against boredom. One person who believes this 100% is artist BeastFlaps whose funny, cute, and wholesome doodles are brightening up our week.

Graphic Blue Bird
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We are so used to digital media that it can sometimes be hard to express our feelings in other mediums. Love notes can take any shape or form; on this list, we share those shaped in a physical form. Excluding “physical action” love language, classic, handwritten notes with romantic sayings scribbled on them can touch the receiver on a much deeper, personal level than their digital counterparts.

Haven Williams