Garage ceiling fan

Stay comfortable while working in your garage with a stylish and functional ceiling fan. Explore top ideas to keep your garage well-ventilated and enjoyable all year round.
The gorgeous vaulted ceiling needs help to keep the entire room cooler. This very large handcrafted custom finish with painted tips and motor is a show stopper. Matching fixtures, plumbing, wall paint, home decor, and more. WOW! They do it all. Windmill Ceiling Fans are handcrafted one-of-a-kind fans made in Texas, USA. Sizes range from 46" - 96"

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Windmill Ceiling Fan Product Specs 46", 52", 60", 66" and 72" Windmill Ceiling Fans (includes 9" down rod) 14-18 blades - .045 aluminum, tubing ¾" square, 1/8" wall 14 gauge aluminum spoke hub 6 spokes are solid 3/8" aluminum Fans weigh between 40 and 50 lbs depending on the size and finish 84" Windmill Ceiling

Angelique Emery