Genie bottle

Transform your space with enchanting genie bottle decor ideas. Discover unique and whimsical ways to incorporate this magical element into your home.
ArtStation - Day 10- Genie in a Bottle , Bea Jackson Fantasy Creatures, Magic Bottles, Magic Art, Potions, Genie Bottle, Fantasy, Genie In A Bottle, Fantasy Props, Djinn

385 challenge- Day 10 Genie in a Bottle - 2.5 Hours. Last year, I was wondering around downtown with my friend and we stumbled upon this very interesting store. We'd been in the area before plenty of times, but never saw it till that day. Apparently it had been there for 27 years. We spent an hour in there, and one of my takeaways was an Egyptian Perfume Bottle. I fell in love with it and always wanted to draw it. Finding that store felt like a bit of a magical experience for both of us, so…

Ana Mosiej