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"are you sure about this?" yoongi gasps for air. "i'm sober by now. the only thing i'll regret in the morning is my horrible hangover," she breathes out before connecting her lips with his again. - asuka rin becomes the eighth member and breaks a few rules with min yoongi - eighth member!au (not accurate to the group's history) - lowercase intended - 052818

Kristin Xu

Animation director, illustrator, teacher. Unless noted, I am not the owner of these photos. If you are the owner and would like it removed, please contact me. tumblr has a 'follow' limit of 5,000. I have reached that limit.


A book full of cute, sexy, seductive, and funny GIFs of BANGTAN. Every chapter starts with a fmv of Bangtan on the media. Approximately 15 or more GIFs per Chapter ‼️WARNING‼️ Do not look at these GIFs if u have heart problems cause you will not make it till the end with out dieing. Good luck 👍🏽

Alma Palma