Girl falling

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J’arrive pas à me retrouver ... mon fils tout à l’heure a dit «  pourquoi tu te laisses tomber » c’était sûrement une faute de prononciation mais c vrai je suis fatiguée , j’ai besoin qu’on me lâche  un peu la bride , sentir moins d’hostilité, me retrouver ... Underwater Drawing, Fall Anime, Japon Illustration, Dark Art Drawings, Arte Obscura, 판타지 아트, Arte Horror, 영감을 주는 캐릭터, Anime Poses Reference

Soul Dragon - War of the broken

Disclaimer: I do not own FairyTail or any of its characters. Rightfully owned by Hiro Mashima. Nor do any other characters belonging to other cartoons or anime belong to me Soul Dragon is a newly formed guild that only just built 25 years ago. When 2 twin-like mages from the guild are sent to the past they will have to do everything they can before anyone takes notice as to who their parents are before it's too late. Krista Chaos and Midnight Cross are daughters of the 2 guild masters of…

Silvia Poblano