Granola recipe with maple syrup

Make your own delicious granola at home using maple syrup. Discover an easy and healthy recipe that will satisfy your breakfast cravings.
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Naturally Sweetened Maple Cinnamon Walnut Granola

If you love the crunchy goodness of granola but don't love all of the added sugar, this naturally sweetened maple cinnamon walnut granola is the recipe for you. This granola is made with only a handful of ingredients and in under half an hour. Sweetened with only pure maple syrup, this granola is naturally sweetened with no added sugar. Packed with old fashioned oats and crunchy walnuts, and flavored with cinnamon and vanilla, this recipe is one you can feel great about eating. Why buy it…

Jenny Jansen
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This healthy combo of oats, nuts, dried cranberries, and coconut is an easy granola you can eat chunky or clumpy, naturally sweetened with maple syrup.

Marianne Washburn