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Matthew Sergei Burdette (1999-2013) - Find A Grave Memorial Memories, Matthews, Robert Jr, Grave, Troops, Burdette, University High School, Find A Grave, Grave Memorials

Matthew Sergei Burdette of San Diego, son of Timothy and Barbara Burdette, brother of Masha Burdette, born on June 14, 1999 in Orel, Russia and died November 29, 2013. Matthew was a student at University High School where he played Water Polo and was on the Wrestling Team. He was also a Boy Scout with Troop 260...

Kaylee Bell
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Actress. The youngest of five children, she was born and raised in Aurora, Portage County, northern Ohio. Her family moved extensively during the first few years of her life, before eventually settling in New Jersey. Following the deaths of her father and elder brother in 1983, Heche and her surviving family members...

Susi Weisz
Janice Elizabeth May (1947-1955) - Find A Grave Memorial Crime, Willard, Elizabeth May, Dean, Elizabeth Ii, Queen Elizabeth Ii, Elizabeth, Six Feet Under, Canton

At about 2:30 on the afternoon of Saturday, November 26, 1955, Dean May of Canton, Illinois, drove his wife Jeanne to the town's Graham Hospital to go on duty as a nurse there. At home were their three children: 15-year-old Bill (Willard), 13-year-old Jimmy, and eight-year-old Janice. Shortly afterward, Bill and Jimmy...

Jeannie Marie Walters
Here's why people leave coins on graves, how it (probably) started, and what it means - plus what each type of coin symbolizes. Interesting cemetery information from #cemetery #graves #interesting #taphophile Grave Memorials, Graveside, Graveside Decorations, Grave Headstones, Companion Urns, Grave Decorations, Memorial Stones, Genealogy, Memorial Stones Diy

Here's why people leave coins on graves, how it (probably) started, and what it means - plus what each type of coin symbolizes. Interesting cemetery information from #cemetery #graves #interesting #taphophile

Urns Northwest
Finally, a fitting tribute: Graves of six Philpott children killed by their parents in house fire are given headstones more than a year after they died Humanity Restored, Parents, Faith In Humanity Restored, American Crime, Faith In Humanity, Famous Graves, Horrible People, Grave Memorials, Famous Tombstones

Jade Philpott, 10, and her brothers Duwayne, 13, John, nine, Jack, eight, Jesse, six and Jayden, five, died from the effects of smoke inhalation following the fire in May last year.

χρυσω γιαννελλη
Photos of Robert La Tourneaux - Find A Grave Memorial Films, Wonderland, American Actors, Retro, Roger Corman, Robert, Actors, Broadway Theatre, Union County

Actor. Robert La Turno, known under the stage name of Robert La Tourneaux, was an American actor best known for his role of Cowboy, the good-natured but dim hustler hired as a birthday present for a gay man, in the original Off-Broadway production and 1970 film version of The Boys in the Band. He made his Broadway...

Oisin Avanti
Sophie Kate Elliott (1985-2008) - Find A Grave Memorial Elliott, Kate Elliott, Wellington, Gilbert, Chris Elliott, Younger Sister, Younger, New Career, Chris

Sophie Elliott was the only daughter of Gilbert and Lesley Elliott, and the younger sister of Nick and Chris Elliott. She was an honor student in economics at the University of Otago, and was about to move and begin her new career at the New Zealand Treasury office in Wellington. She was just 22 years old. She and...

Joanne Winter