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EXPLORE ▼ Andithen there was my nerdy twin brother Stanford ABNORMALITY As-if'his abnormally high IQ wasn' enough, he also had a rare birth defect ,six fingers on"each hand Whichimight have explaine his obsession with sC mystery weirdness AS for me, I had what!Mom liked to call personality But as different as wewere we were the pertect team It all started a lifetime ago

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Razzle my dazzle, it’s a Mabel Bonanza!Mabel Pines MAB-3L is a dimension where several alternate universe versions of Mabel Pines were trapped, until the Prime Mabel freed them. It appears in the third Gravity Falls: Lost Legends story, "Don't Dimension It". Mabel first discovers MAB-3L after she is sucked into the multi-verse by a giant hand monster and thrown through different dimensions by a wormhole. Once there, she encounters a variety of different Mabels, including Table Mabel…

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