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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Greek antiquity and discover the rich history, art, and culture of this ancient civilization. Uncover the secrets of the past with these top ideas and experience the magic of Greece.
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Ancient Greek Corinthian war helmet with long crest. The Corinthian style helmet appeared at the end of the 8th c. BC. and remain in use until the Classical period. The way it is set up is handmade. Sculpture of the model, creating a mold and casting of a bronze powder, polyester resin, fiberglass and patina for completion. This helmet is part of the author's collection Bird Art Studio Bulgaria and is inspired by artifacts and part of ancient history. We do not create copies of antiquity, we…

Veera Paavilainen
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Krater (mid - 5th Century BC) may be viewed at the Saint Louis Art Museum. Left, Teacher sample drawing of Greek pottery. Right, A second sample of the assignment using a portrait design typically found on Greek pottery. Type of Lesson Plan: Object-based Lesson Plan/Reading Comprehension (Integrated Studies) Topic: Greek/Roman pottery design Goals: Students identify design and pattern common to ancient Greek pottery. Students participate in meaningful drawing activities that reflect their…