Green contacts

Enhance your eyes with vibrant green contacts that will instantly transform your appearance. Find the perfect pair to add a touch of allure to your everyday style.

Degrees: 0.00, -1.00, -1.25, -1.50, -1.75, -2.00, -2.25, -2.50, -2.75, -3.00, -3.25, -3.50, -3.75, -4.00, -4.25, -4.50,- 4.75, -5.00, -5.50, -6.00, -6.50, -7.00Diameter: 14.0mm-14.5mmWater content: 38%-42%Thickness: 0.08mmReplacement Period: Within 12 monthsWhat's inside: two piece contact lens +a lens caseProcessing Time: 2-3 working daysEmail if you have anything you do not know about the order

Ana De La Hoz
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The best and most natural contact lenses, including abeecons, miragecolor, shimasaki. Brand promotion is now underway! Missed and waited next year. The most natural colored contact lens ever. Affordable price. Unique pattern design. Produced in top factories in Korea, high quality guarantee. Free worldwide shipping. We have Alpha green, Aurora Blue, Neala green, Neala Brown, SL29 Brown, SL29 Green, SL29 Gray, Crystal Green, Crystal Hazel, Crystal Gray, and more realistic choices!

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