Grouping students

Discover effective strategies for grouping students in the classroom to promote collaboration and maximize learning. Enhance student engagement and create a positive learning environment with these top ideas for grouping students.
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We often find ourselves as teachers doing activities where our students need to work in groups or pairs. This could be a quick Think-Pair-Share or Turn and Talk activity or a larger group project. It can be difficult to have to create effective groups for our students to complete their work each time. It can also be challenging (and time consuming) to create random groups. I've come up with 6 ways to quickly and easily group your students for different activities. I'll also share some great…

Rebecca Cole Barker
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Do you struggle thinking of ways to group your students for small group or partner work? This blog post goes through my teacher hack for having multiple ways to group my students ready and at my finger tips. Just prep once and you have flexible groups ready to go in your classroom!

Stephanie Mueller