Growing dill from seed

Learn how to successfully grow dill from seed in your own garden. Discover the best techniques and tricks to ensure a bountiful harvest of fresh and aromatic dill.
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Whether it’s dill pickles that have your heart, or a dill sauce on crispy grilled salmon, rest assured that dill is an easy herb to grow. With a little bit of sunlight and plenty of water, dill can easily be grown from seed. It matures quickly, and can be enjoyed during successive harvests throughout the […]

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It's not the most popular herb, but dill is incredibly useful in a vegetable garden. In fact, companion planting dill with other herbs and vegetables can support beneficial insects, reduce pest damage, and improve the overall health of your garden. Check out the complete guide for more info on how to companion plant with dill and what not to plant next to dill for a great growing season.

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Growing dill plants can be a fantastic addition to any herb or vegetable garden. Their feathery foliage and delicate, lace-like flower blooms add a delicate textural intrigue to the garden bed and often make excellent companions to neighboring crops. Dill plants are herbs that make savory additions to fish dishes, soups, salads, and stews when harvested. Its seeds are also used in the culinary world for flavoring pickles, sauerkraut, and other pickled treasures. Dill can grow to heights of…

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