Growth and decay

Discover the fascinating world of growth and decay. From nature's cycles to artistic representations, explore the beauty and significance of these transformative processes.
Moldy Fruit Sculptures Formed From Precious Gemstones Challenge Perceptions of Decoration and Decay | Colossal Sculptures, Food Art, Diy, Fruit, Fruit Sculptures, Fruit Art, Rotten Fruit, Modern Crafts, Rotten

Artist Kathleen Ryan creates a conversation between the beautiful and the grotesque in her oversized sculptures of mold-covered fruit. The New York-based artist uses precious and semi-precious stones like malachite, opal, and smoky quartz to form the simulacrum of common green rot on each fruit. Working at a larger-than-life scale, Ryan creates a foam base, rudimentarily painted to map out the fresh and rotten areas on the surface. She then individually places each gemstone, with varied…

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