Hair color levels 1-10 chart

Discover the perfect hair color shade for you with our comprehensive chart of levels 1-10. Explore different options and find your ideal hair color to enhance your look.
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In the earlier post, we have a deeper understanding of bleach and developer. We know that developers come in different volumes but is totally unsure how they work and which is suitable for our needs. Since it directly affects the color and shade of our hair, it is important for us to understand color levels [...]

Marta Rosa
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“What hair color is best for me?” Every girl has asked themselves this question at least once in her life, and many multiple times. Especially if you’ve experimented with a few colors already. What color suits you the most? What’s the best hair color for your skin tone and eye color? It’s scientific, actually. All it takes is consulting a hair color/skin tone chart. Finding Out Your Perfect Hair Color It’s a lot easier than you think! First, identify your skin tone; fair with pink or cool…

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