Hamptons exterior

Transform the exterior of your home with stunning Hamptons-inspired design ideas. Create a welcoming and elegant outdoor space that captures the essence of the Hamptons lifestyle.
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Reece Keil Design: Transforming Zero Appeal to Hamptons Sophistication

Building Designer, Reece Keil, transforms uninspiring project home with zero street appeal and dysfunctional floor plan into a sophisticated and luxurious waterfront home. Undergoing a complete interior and exterior transformation the home now delivers indoor-outdoor living opportunities, floor plan to suit a growing family, and abundance of natural light. Linea Weatherboard, part of the Hardie Architectural Collection by James Hardie were perfect for this waterfront property to deliver this…

Kele Hoeane
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Answerth 40 | Hamptons Facade Colour Palette

At DRHomes we know that building a home is one of the most important decisions you will make. Our job is to make the process a smooth and pleasurable experience. We will work with you to design the home that suits your needs and budget, and will provide you with value for money without compromising on quality or service.

Caroline Campbell
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modern hamptons Interior Design Mood Board by Mon Laurie

View the modern hamptons Interior Design Mood Board and more designs by Mon Laurie on Style Sourcebook. Products Include: Snow Season, Durras IP65 Stainless Steel Exterior Up & Down Wall Light, Aberdeen Grey and White Encaustic Cement tile, Tranquil Retreat, Vivid White, Linea™ Weatherboard Terrace White

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Choosing the colour scheme for your home’s exterior can be really quite daunting. Remember that your front façade is the first thing people see so it should set the vibe for the entire home. No pressure guys, but it could be the make or break of your whole vision! #somuchpressure!

Tannie Manny