Hand dyed fabric

Explore a world of vibrant possibilities with hand dyed fabric. Enhance your creative projects with unique colors and patterns. Unleash your imagination and get inspired today!
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Tea is rich with tannin (good for gripping onto fabric), is inexpensive, and attaches well to cotton and linen. It typically gives you a light brown color if you don’t use any color modifiers. You can use an iron modifier on the fabric after you dye it with the tea, which will shift your colors to grey, and increase our fabric’s color- and lightfastness. At the iron sulfate stage, you will be able to experiment with different dipping and folding techniques to create patterns on your fabric.

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Shellie and Jay Pomeroy live just a few turns off of Main Street in New Paltz, a rich artist community best known for its local farms and well-worn trails for hikers and bicyclists. Their home is the setting for Shellie’s carefully cultivated silk-dyeing business, Silk & Willow . Shellie us

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