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Enhance your health science classroom with these creative ideas. Explore innovative teaching methods and engaging activities to inspire your students and promote a love for learning.
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So the 1st day of school in high school science is approaching and you don't know what exactly to do with your students. There is so much

Lyndsi Motte
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This week, my students scrubbed in and were tasked with the job of saving my life! Yes, you heard that right. My life was in the hands of my students, or should I say doctors. As we are concluding our unit on the human body systems I wanted to do something fun and engaging to assess their knowledge and provide them with an engaging way to apply what they have learned. I decided to create a digital escape room that requires them to use this knowledge to help save my life and escape the operat

Brittany Ross
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This highly engaging online simulation asks students to take on the role of a Public Health Director to determine the cause of a recent mystery killer virus epidemic outbreak at a local High School and Senior Center. In their role as Public Health Director, students are guided by an expert epidemiologist through the entire case study simulation which consists of: Studying medical reports and determining which ones to follow-up onCollecting information and identifying patterns of infection…

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