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Discover expert tips and advice on how to keep your horses healthy and happy. Learn about proper nutrition, exercise, and grooming techniques to ensure the well-being of your equine companions.
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Horses love to eat…and eat…and eat. As natural grazers, most of their day is spent nibbling grasses. If your horse doesn’t have access to fresh grass, it is important to provide him with good quality, clean hay. But how much hay should you feed your horse? After consulting several veterinary […]

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For some horses, it seems like no matter how much they eat, they still stay skinny. I've seen cases like this a number of times over the years, and I know how sad and frustrating it can be for owners that what to keep their horses happy and healthy. I put together this guide to help anyone going through a similar situation.

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There is a lot of information out there about "sacking out" a horse. This can be misleading. Its not about just scaring the shit out of horse until he doesn't react anymore. Read to find out how to make a lasting transformation with the commonly misunderstood exercise.

Irene Butler
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Whether a horse is older and struggling to keep weight on or is just a difficult keeper and always seems underweight, there are specific food supplements to help. Weight gain feeds provide horses with high fat, protein, and fiber supplements usually combined with a probiotic to help aid in the horse’s digestion of the supplement. … Read More »How to Make a Horse Gain Weight Quickly: Best Feed and Supplements for Weight Gain

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Need boredom relief for your horse's stall? This guide is for you! Click to the blog for the guide to stall enrichment for horses! Horses indoors need enrichment to prevent boredom, keep behavior in good shape and help with physical and mental health. Enrichment is how you get there! This guide covers horse enrichment, going deeper than just toys. Why it matters, how to choose and how to keep your horse interested. #horseenrichment #horsetoys #horseDIY #equestrian #barnlife #trailriding

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