Healthy veggie dip

Discover a variety of delicious and healthy veggie dip recipes that are perfect for any occasion. Spice up your veggies and enjoy a guilt-free snack with these easy-to-make dips.

Greek Yogurt Dip is a healthy, flavorful dip loaded with non-fat Greek yogurt and fresh herbs for an all-natural, creamy dip!

Robyn Dyer
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This healthy herbed veggie dip is a cinch to make and pairs perfectly with veggies, crackers and/or chips. Cottage cheese gives the dip an ultra creamy texture and a boost of protein, while garlic, dill and scallions lend it an irresistible flavor. You can serve the dip on snack boards, on crudité platters, or as a simple but nutritious snack. It’s also fabulous with potato chips for a lightened-up game day appetizer!

Kristin Lueders

Skinny Veggie Dip is full of delicious summer vegetables and so refreshing as a poolside snack that's perfect for all your summer parties!

Carol Miller