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The awkward yeti. I have finally found an illustration of what's behind my distrust of coffee shop baristas when I ask for decaf. It has happened more than once. Akward Yeti, The Awkward Yeti, Cute Comics, Funny Comics, Happy Comics, Heart And Brain Comic, Funny Cute, Hilarious, Funny Pick

Our brains and our hearts have a very interesting relationship, and it is their crazy back-and-forth that Nick Seluk, the artist behind the popular Awkward Yeti webcomic (which also had these wonderful comics on depression), plays upon with his Heart And Brain comic series.

Natalie Kleeb
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Have you ever wondered what your heart or brain would say if they could talk? What about your stomach or liver? Would they complain about your eating habits? Or that you don't sleep enough? Or perhaps they would be thankful for how you take care of them? Who guides your life more often - your heart or brain?