Heavens gate

Delve into the enigmatic world of Heaven's Gate cult and discover the untold stories behind its formation, beliefs, and tragic end. Explore the captivating journey of a group seeking spiritual enlightenment and find out what led them to make the ultimate sacrifice.
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Dennis Pangilinan
Why Is The Heaven's Gate Cult Website Still Alive? - Neatorama Videos, Statue, Aliens And Ufos, Weird World, Photo Viewer, Alien Races, Alien, Photo And Video, Types Of Aliens

Members of the Heaven’s Gate cult (who put San Diego on the map for all the wrong reasons) may be mostly dead and gone, but for some reason their tacky website is still alive and well.The site features cheesy GeoCities styling, which hasn’t changed since the site went up in 1997, and it's full of information about the cult’s far out beliefs.There are also a bunch of video segments that are oh so creepy to watch knowing full well what lies in store for the followers of Marshall Applewhit...