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Get ready for a heartwarming adventure with these must-watch hedgehog movies. Experience the cuteness and charm of these spiky creatures on the big screen and fall in love with their captivating stories.
Sonic Fan Film: Sonic design 1 by EvanStanley Films, Fan, Design, Character Design, Art, Sonic The Movie, Sonic, Sonic The Hedgehog, Live Action

Description Hi! It may not be new GOTF pages, but I'd say this is still pretty cool. You might have heard about a live-action/CG Sonic fan film that's in the works right now. It's looking like it'll be a fun ride-- Jaleel White, Sonic's original voice is reprising his role, for starters! I did a little work for them on character designs for Sonic, and since the pictures were shown a few days ago at MAGfest, I can share them now! I hope you enjoy. Please excuse the typos. A bunch of info just…