Heirloom wedding dress

Discover stunning ideas to preserve and showcase your heirloom wedding dress. Create a timeless and meaningful look for your special day with these inspiring suggestions.
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There is something so special about the chance to wear your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress on your wedding day. It is a sweet sentiment, but you’d really love to have a gown of your own to reflect your own style (we aren’t sure if those poofy 80’s sleeves will come back in style soon!) […]

Jocelyn Hoffmaster
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Today's wedding planning advice blog post is about two of my favorite topics put together: heirlooms and wedding dresses! More specifically, I'm going to give you a few unique ideas for what to do with your mother's wedding dress on your wedding day, besides wearing her dress. Maybe you have your grandmother's veil that is so beautiful, but you aren't quite sure what to do it with it, you just know that you want to incorporate this family heirloom into your wedding. Remember, you don't have…

Cindy Smith