Helix hoop

Enhance your style with our collection of unique and stylish helix hoop earrings. Find the perfect pair to add a trendy and fashionable touch to any outfit.
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Tiny gold huggie hoop earrings or sterling silver hoop earrings, are minimalism and dainty, perfect mini gold hoops for everyday wear, or piercing jewelry as cartilage gold hoop, helix hoop, gold nose ring or wear on septum, second hole, conch, ear lobes…, use your imagination to mix and match them now. ❤️Handmade with love in California❤️ HIGH QUALITY! All materials are sourcing in USA ………………………………………………… P R O D U C T ∙ D E T A I L S ⭐️ For pierced ears, if you want unpaired hoops, feel…

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This product is a cartilage piercing.Using natural stone adds privilege to the product. It can be preferred for rook, daith and tragus or daily using. 12 mm Clicker Diamond : App. 0,03 ct H VS1 Gram : App. 0,47 GR Product Code : LC00032D 10 mm Clicker Diamond : App. 0,03 ct H VS1 Gram : App. 0,45 GR Product Code : LC00032D All of our jewelry is made from solid 14k yellow,white and rose gold.Because of using natural stone, the color of it may differ. All items in our store are 100 % handmade…