Hexie quilts patterns

Explore a collection of stunning hexie quilts patterns that will ignite your creativity. Find inspiration and step-by-step guides to create your own unique quilts.
Silly Goose Quilts: Quilt As You Go Hexagons. So simple yet so overlooked! Couture, Origami, Biro, Tuto Couture, Half, Stitch, Patrones, Bunga, Artesanato

Click here for a print friendly PDF Since I posted my picture a few weeks ago of my Quilt As You Go Hexagons, I've had a couple of people ask me for a tutorial. So of course, I obliged. I'm very good that way. Now, this is the way I did it. It's probably not The. Correct. Way. to do it but it's my way. And it worked for me. Go here and download the template. If you don't want to, you need to draw a hexagon - any size will do but remember the smaller you do it, the more fiddly the end result…

Linda Kincanon
Winter Needlework Project: Evenings with Hexies – NeedlenThread.com

This winter, I decided that my evening needlework project (as well as my grab-and-go, no matter where I go project) Must Be my hexie quilt that I’ve been working on for … oh… almost two years now. Otherwise, the thing will never be finished. So, in the winter evenings, when it’s dark and cold out ...

Shannon Alcorn