High waisted culottes

Elevate your style with high waisted culottes. Find the perfect pair that flatters your figure and gives you a chic and sophisticated look. Explore our top ideas for styling and creating fashionable outfits with culottes.
petit main sauvage: Not a skirt - take 2:They're floor-length culottes. Does the term 'palazzo pants' apply here? It probably does These culottes don't have the center front and back pleat nor the extreme width of my earlier (little-skirt-like pair). A trouser block would have the crotch curve shaped to provide a close fit between the legs from front to back. In a culotte pattern the legs are more loosely connected. That helps to provide a skirt-like appearance. Pleated Culottes Pattern, Wide Leg Pants That Look Like A Skirt, Skirt To Pants, Pantalon Palazzo Outfits, Culotte Pattern, Cullotes Pants, Long Skort, Palazzo Pants Pattern, Culottes Skirt

First of all, my apologies for my absense this past week. I don't even have a good reason for it... Anyway, the wedding is tomorrow and I think I'll go with the silver dress after all (I bought a light shaper to smooth out any lumps in the hip and thigh area... I may wear that with it). I guess black has been such an everyday colour to me for so long that it just doesn't say 'special occasion'. After two very sunny weeks, the weather seems to have turned again. Today, it's cloudy, a bit cold…

Julia Bell
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Being loose and cropped, culottes let you play with proportions and show off your footwear! They are a great way to highlight your waist by tucking in your top or wearing a crop top. Wear culottes in the fall and winter with blouses and sweaters, and in the spring and summer with little t

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It seems like everywhere I turn I see stylish friends in high waisted cropped pants. They’re modern yet retro and admittedly make me cringe a bit when I try them on (especially since I just had a baby). They’re just so cool though and I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of them. By far, the IT pair on the […]

Wendy Shelton