Hindu names for boys

Find the perfect Hindu name for your baby boy that is unique and meaningful. Explore a wide range of names with rich cultural significance and choose the ideal name for your little one.
Lord Shiva is worshipped in all parts of the country and is the most powerful. Hindu mythology states that Lord Shiva destroys evil. He is believed to have immense strength, wisdom, knowledge, and power and that is also the reason why every year many newborn baby boys are named after him. He is known by thousands of names across the country. Find out some unique baby boy names inspired by lord shiva. Iphone, Parents, Lord, Hindu Baby Boy Names, Name Of Baby Boy, Hindu Baby Names, Sanskrit Baby Boy Names, God Baby, Tamil Baby Names

Babies are blessings from God and parents are very cautious when it comes to naming their little ones. Most parents prefer naming their babies the names of god for the child to imbibe the qualities of the supreme power. In boys, the most sought-after names are the names of Lord Shiva.