Homemade rice a roni

Discover easy and flavorful homemade Rice a Roni recipes that will satisfy your taste buds. Make your own version of this classic dish and enjoy the rich flavors and textures.
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Once you make this homemade Rice a Roni recipe it’ll be your family’s new favorite side dish! Fragrant rice and toasted vermicelli noodles cook in chicken broth with a touch of butter and a few seasonings for a fluffy, savory pilaf. It’s easy to make and pairs well with just about anything!

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Homemade Beef Rice-A-Roni - Rice, pasta, beef broth, beef bouillon, onion powder, Worcestershire, soy sauce, garlic powder, pepper and chopped carrots.

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Making homemade rice pilaf is easy, and it makes a great side dish. We were able to cut calories without changing the flavor, consistency, or serving size of this easy rice pilaf recipe.Instead of browning the orzo and cooking the onion and garlic in lots of butter, we use olive oil spray. Saving 100's of calories and lots of fat.But we still add a bit of butter at the end so you get all the buttery flavor you love, but for 1/2 the calories. You can have 1/2 cup of this low calorie rice…

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