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Discover how to create your own homemade tools for working with metals. Get tips and ideas for making your metalworking projects easier and more efficient.
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60+ Unusual Uses for Workshop Tools & Materials! the Ultimate Collection!: Here's a secret tip not many will tell you. Some of the comments sections in these Instructables are better than the I'ble itself!OK, not true ;)But... What unusual uses and hacks have YOU come up with? Publish your own Instructables!

Erwin Hamilton
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I usually find homemade tools disappointing. Even taking something like an old worn-out screwdriver and grinding it into a scratch awl doesn't for me compare to a store bought scratch awl. I like quality made tools and it's hard to duplicate that same level of quality in the home shop. However, I thought I would share this homemade one that I actually use quite a lot. In fact, come to think of it, and I may revise this later, but aside from some shop made jigs and fixtures I believe it's the