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Experience the future of hospitality with these innovative hotel concept ideas. Discover unique designs and amenities that redefine the travel experience for modern travelers.
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Rousing from the Greeks, Sirius signified its nature as scorching or glowing because of its intrinsic luminosity and its proximity in the universe. Associating it with the concept, this luxurious structure illuminates in the center of hotel establishments. Its design follows the sun path movements that allows the natural light to enter. Additionally, The aluminum glass exterior adapts resulting the changes of colors from different perspectives, the same with how Sirius flickers different…

Jeline Vacunawa
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Designed by penda,GRAFT Architects in Xiangfan,China with date 2015. Images by GRAFT + penda. GRAFT Architects and penda are preparing to break ground on Myrtle Garden Hotel in the outskirts of Xiangyang, China....

Nicoll Jaramillo